By Dr. Howard
January 03, 2014
Category: Extractions
Tags: Root Canals  
While we love to reminisce about the past, we are all thankful for the things we have now in the present—innovative technology and modern medicine. In dentistry, there have been many new techniques and technology utilized to preserve and treat dental issues. In the past, extraction was the go-to procedure to treat an abscessed tooth caused by severe tooth decay or dental trauma. Nowadays, many dentists and endodontists choose to treat an infected tooth with a root canal procedure.
Past: Tooth Extraction
Once bacteria spreads to the pulp, it needs to be stopped. The traditional solution was to pull the tooth. A tooth extraction can stop the infection from spreading to surrounding teeth and other areas of the mouth; however, once a tooth is pulled, you then have to consider the next process—finding a tooth replacement. You don’t want to leave a space open in the mouth. The jawbone will start to resorb, and your gum tissue will be fully exposed to bacteria.
Present: Root Canal Therapy
In the past, a root canal therapy has been labeled as the “alternative” treatment. Now, a root canal is a leading dental service and should be considered the go-to procedure to preserve the natural tooth. In Washington D.C. (area code 20024), root canals trump an extraction, and Dr. Patrick Howard, area 20024 dentist, recommends a root canal over an extraction.
For a root canal, Dr. Howard takes X-ray images of a tooth to locate the infection and see where it has spread. Afterwards, Dr. Howard removes the infected pulp, bacteria and debris. A dry and clean inner tooth is sealed. All you need to do is come back in for a checkup. The pain and infection is gone, and the tooth remains in place. No need for a replacement tooth or more dental visits. From past to present, the dentistry field is taking great strides to improve patient comfort and satisfaction. Not every tooth can be saved with root canal therapy, which is why a traditional method may be recommended.
To schedule a root canal in 20024, call Dr. Howard’s office at (202) 863-0688. Would you prefer an extraction or root canal? Let us know in the comments!